I'm Kyle (KAT). I hate selfies, organized photos, craft beer, clean hair, people who can't merge and pepsi. I like dirty clothes, dirty jokes, Pacifico cans, surfing, building things, sydney, Baja and bodie. I work at a geotechnical engineering firm but I'm not a geologist or an engineer. I take all the money I make and spend it having as much fun as I can. 

& I'm sydney (SAN). I hate a lot less than kyle does but like a lot of the same things. I also like our cat tico, surfing Sano, and all-around making - I make jewelry, dye fabric, take photos, sew pouches, paint watercolors, and get kyle to build the things I cant. I generally try to talk him out of spending all of our money on "fun shit," but he usually wins and im usually pretty stoked on that. 


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